ID Clare - Latter-day Planners for Saints
Hello & Welcome!
I am so excited to share my  planners with you and my love for organization! 
You've accepted the call to serve, so what could make that calling easier, than a planner that has it all.  No more rounding up binders, notebooks and outlines as you are running out the door. All of your information can now be in one place!
The "Latter-day Planner for Saints" has almost everything you need to fulfill your calling--the only exception being your scriptures!  
  • Calendar
  • Monthly & Weekly Themes
  • Directories
  • Class Lists
  • Outlines for Sunday  Notes for Presidency Meetings, Leadership, Stake Conferences and General Conferences
  • Monthly Goals and Task Lists
  • Much, much, much more!
"By small and simple things
are great things brought to pass"
(Alma 37:6)
This is my favorite scripture and also my personal motto.
By helping you to organize and simplify, 
you'll have more time to focus on loving, teaching & helping those you serve!
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