ID Clare - Latter-day Planners for Saints
Primary Planners
100+ Pages to Cover Everything
You Need!
  • Manual Schedule
          Ready for you to personalize
  • Things to Accomplish Page
           An organized 'to-do-list'
  • Planning Calendar including: 
       Monthly Theme & Scripture 
       Weekly Sharing Time Themes  
       Tracking For:
          Bishop Interviews
          Church Historical Dates
          Room for notes
  • Agendas & Planning Pages:
         Opening Closing Exercises
         Sharing Time
         Singing Time
         Primary Program
         Priesthood Preview
  • Meeting & Note Pages:
         Presidency Meetings
         Ward Council
         Leadership Training
         Stake Conference
         General Conference
         Miscellaneous & Journal
  • Baptism Pages
         Joint Baptisms
         Individual Baptisms
  • Directories 
         Ward Presidency
         Stake Leaders
         Music Leaders
         Teachers & Substitutes  
  • Class Lists 
  • Budgets
  • Cub Scouts
  • Activity Days
  • Faith in God Tracking
  • Etc.
The layout is such that if there
is something you don't use,
you can simply tear that page out.
Just a Few
Manual Schedule &
Things to Accomplish List
Calendar & Themes
Opening-Closing Exercising &
Sharing Time - Singing Time
Presidency Meeting
Individual Baptism Planning
Attendance & Budget
Directories & Class List
Primary Progam &
Priesthood Preview
Cub Scouts & Activity Days
Faith In God
Calling Requests &
Bishop Interviews
pages of planning & much, much more!
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